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a seamless series of programs from birth to career that empowers the next generation of the south bronx to reach their full potential

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 summer camp 

Our Five Strategic Anchors

the five things that guide us and keep us grounded to our mission

Our Year In Review

while reflecting on the highlights of last year, the things that surfaced were all directly connected to our

five strategic anchors.

read on to learn the stories 
and journey with us through this past year! 


AHOB Highlight
Babies to Three program growth 

In 2016 - 2017 our Babies to Three program saw unprecedented growth. This past year we regularly saw over 100 participants, compared to 40 participants in 2015. As parents have been a part of our Babies to Three Family, they have invited their friends and neighbors to come along as well. This is the embodiment of purposefully local, and no one better encapsulates this story than Reyes and her family! 

We focus our work on the east side of the Mott Haven neighborhood in the South Bronx. This allows us to be incredibly intentional in the services we offer, as we listen and respond to the needs of our specific community. Because our community is highly relational, we see the changes in the people of AHOB spread like wildfire throughout the community beyond our walls into schools, homes and the street and confronting the injustices that have existed in our neighborhood.

Reyes first heard about Babies to Three when her daughter was two and her son was 8 months old. Through her involvement in the program, she saw incredible progress, particularly with her son. She became a firm believer in early intervention and the importance of the Babies to Three program. Reyes has been in Babies to Three for just over a year and has invited over 20 families in the neighborhood to come and join.  


She recalls seeing activity happening in our 390 Jackson Avenue space and wondered what all the commotion was about! Anabel, a long time participant and now staff member, approached Reyes in the park and invited her to the program. She said she doesn’t want anyone who has a young child to sit watching, wondering what’s going on like she did - she wants them in the doors and involved! 

Strategic Anchor: rooted in relationship

AHOB Highlight
family nightS

This past school year, once a month, A House on Beekman Staff hosted a family night/event. Activities included things like apple picking in the fall, a Valentine’s Dance and Ice Skating at Riverbank State Park in the winter, and an arts & crafts night in the spring. These events not only provided unique experiences for families to bond and create special memories, but also allowed us to develop deeper relationships with whole families – parents, siblings, sometimes aunts and uncles or grandparents – beyond the children we see day-to-day. Angel's experience at a Family Night this past winter highlights just this!

We began here with one single intention: to love our neighbors well. Quickly, our neighbors became family and, as family does, we began laying down our lives for each other. The people who participate in our programs are not our clients but are our neighbors and friends. A House on Beekman was born out of relationship - listening to our neighbors and stewarding different resources to respond any way we could - and we will continue to operate first out of relationships!

On the bus ride home from ice skating,

I was able to have a long conversation with Damien's mom. When she comes to pick him up now, it's not just a 'hi and bye'; we have real conversations. Knowing their family has helped me understand Damien better, and be a better leader for him.

-- Angel Perez, A House on Beekman Staff

Strategic anchor: birth to career support

This is our model. We don't focus on one age group, or prioritize one program over the other - but value how they each build on each other. We begin with pregnant mothers, then babies and toddlers in Babies to Three and grow with our families through each stage of development, focusing on the specific needs of that age group. And although we haven't rounded out our full seamless series of programs quite yet, we are well on our way!

AHOB Highlight
middle school program

In Summer 2017, we officially added the next link in our seamless series of programming - Middle School! We soft-launched the program at Summer Camp, with the full scope of the program kicking off this fall.

Tylynn has been a part of our programs since she was in 2nd grade. As she was nearing the end of her 5th grade year, she made it her personal mission to remind us she needed a middle school program. We're thrilled to provide this program for Tylynn and her friends, and all the grades to come! 

Q: How has the seamless series of programs made a difference for you? 

A: "A House on Beekman keeps helping me. Because of the leaders' support I'm able to pass tests and keep passing grades. And it's really helped me with my reading. In 2nd grade when I came to AHOB I learned how to read. Now I'm working on reading comprehension." 

Q: What did you like about the Middle School Camp program and what are you looking forward to this fall? 

A: "I loved helping lead worship at camp and serving the kids. I also like that we got to take special trips, like to Philly, and I'm looking forward to doing that more!"  

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up and how can AHOB help you get there? 

A: "I want to be a teacher, and maybe even start my own after school program. To become a teacher, I need to finish high school and graduate college and I need the continuous support to help me study more and to help me understand things I don't know." 


Q: What do you want to say to donors who have helped support the Middle School Program?  

A: "I want to say, 'Thanks for believing in me and for giving me the opportunity to keep on going with AHOB!'"

Strategic anchor: long term flourishing of families

AHOB Highlight
culturally responsive teaching

One major focus of our afterschool program this year was celebrating the ethnicity and culture of our students and empowering them to use their unique voice to make a difference in their community. We did this academically through history and literature and with special guests like dancers, and musicians. We put that learning in action through marches for domestic violence awareness and black lives matter. We even incorporated this theme in our passion projects with art, dance and rap performances that celebrated and critiqued the culture that makes them who they are. We believe these foundations are critical to the long term flourishing of our kids in such a divided time. 

Lonnie's story demonstrates just this! 

A House on Beekman makes decisions based on long term impact, not short term relief. We consider how the curriculum we choose, the techniques we use, the networks we build, the relationships we form will impact our families for the long haul. We desire to see our families flourish for generations to come, and want to do everything we can to empower and equip them to that end. 

In the spring, Angel, one of our after school leaders, led a Hip Hop passion class that taught students to write their own rap. Hip Hop is important in our neighborhood, and through this class our kids were taught to speak to our culture in a way our culture values. Through this process, Angel saw Lonnie come to life in a way he hadn't seen before. He saw him grow in confidence as he not only wrote an original rap but performed it in front of his peers. 

I wrote my rap about violence in my neighborhood because it needs to stop. I feel like my rap can make a difference and that my voice is being heard. When I grow up I want to be a rapper and bring awareness to violence in my neighborhood.  

-- Lonnie, 4th grader

Strategic anchor: comprehensive care

AHOB Highlight
Emotionally Responsive
Practice (ERP)

This past year, our PreK programs began implementing ERP with our students. Learned by our Teachers at Bank Street College of Education, ERP builds on the connection between emotional well-being and learning potential.  ERP has given our teachers tools to help our kids process their feelings which, in turn, has increased their capacity to learn and mature. We have seen such incredible results throughout this past year in PreK that we are implementing ERP practices into all of our programs this fall!

Abel was in our 3's class last year, and has now gone on to our 4's PreK class. We interviewed his mom, Tenille, about the difference ERP has made in his 

young life!   

While our programs are mostly education based, we care about far more than making good grades. We want to see our kids and families thrive intelluctually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and socially, and we seek to provide every opportunity we can so they can do so.  

Abel and Tenille at his 3k graduation

Q: What is the  the difference ERP made in Abel’s life?​ 

A: "The changes I did notice in him after he stated engaging in ERP were now he wanted to help someone feel better if they were sick or sad. He always started understanding that sometimes people just need a break or some time alone."

Q: Are there any specific stories you can share of an example of ERP in Abel’s life? 

A: "Recently, we began teaching our 17 year old son to drive. He was nervous when we were leaving, and Abel could sense it. We told Abel we’ll be back, and he grabbed his brothers hand and said, "It will be ok! It’s fun to try new things!" When we returned, Abel told his brother, "You look happy! Aren’t you happy you tried something new?'"


Q: Anything else we should know

A: "ERP is really great for children. Abel seems to process his emotions so much better than most children his age. He is always willing to share what he is feeling. His empathy for people is astonishing."


We’ve worked hard to diversify our funding sources but are proud that the majority still comes from hundreds of ordinary people who sacrificially give because they believe in the next generation of the South Bronx.
Including individual contributions made through our online campaign and at our events, over 50% of donations came from 272 different individuals.



events & Campaigns
general donations
What we've invested in the south bronx since 2013
the more you give, the more we invest! 
how money was spent between each program
through these programs... 
we served 212 people 
and offered 2,604 hours of programming 
Preschool 36%
Afterschool 24%
Babies to Three 11%
Camp 9%
General 17%
Fundraising 2%
none of this can happen without you - our amazing supporters - who believe in the next generation of the south bronx. 
josh & beth reynolds
Donor Testimony

Q: Why do you choose to give to A House on Beekman?

A: We love the mission! It is incredibly exciting to be a part of something that is clearly impacting so many people's lives right here in our backyard - from the

unborn all the way up to the staff! We also can both see and feel the impact of

our giving, whether through attending events in the South Bronx or speaking

with clients. 


Q: What kind of confidence do you have in how AHOB uses your donations? 

A: We have the utmost confidence that Sara, the staff and board prayerfully

seek guidance in being good stewards of the gifts received. This is evident

through their prudent use of resources, growing programs as funds allow but

never allowing their budget to become too unwieldy as well as the use of an

independent advisory board that meets several times per year and provides feedback.  

thank you!

A huge "thank you" to the kids, families, donors, volunteers, board members and staff team that make

A House on Beekman what it is.

We couldn't do it without

each one of you!

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